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Xiaomi Mi A1 is getting the Android 8.1 Oreo update with June s

  • The Xiaomi Mi A1 is the Chinese first and only device in Android One program is getting Android 8.1 Oreo update. Similar device named Infinix Note 5 which is running on Google Android One platform soon to be launched in Pakistan, exclusively available on The download link for the update can be found below.

    Warning: I am not responsible for any bricks caused by flashing this firmware onto your device. So, beware!

    Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Update

    TWRP Flashable:


    Instructions to Install Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Update

    Again, there are two different methods listed here. Method 1 will guide to flash the ROM ZIP using the TWRP recovery. On the other hand, method 2 will help you flash the Fastboot image via Mi Flash Tool. Choose the method according to your own convenience, the results will be the same.

    Method 1: Using TWRP Recovery

    1. Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo TWRP Flashable ZIP.
    2. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable.
    3. Copy the file to the device’s storage.
    4. Disconnect the phone and power it off.
    5. Press the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously to boot into TWRP recovery.
    6. Tap on the ‘Install’ button.
    7. Navigate the internal storage and select the TWRP flashable ZIP.
    8. Finally, swipe the button on the screen to install Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo update.
    9. When the flashing process is finished, hit ‘Reboot System’

    Method 2: Using Mi Flash Tool

    1. Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Fastboot image.
    2. Power off the device.
    3. Press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode
    4. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable.
    5. Next, follow the detailed steps to install Fastboot ROM using Mi Flash tool.
    6. Once finished, the phone will reboot automatically.


    We’ve been anticipating the Android 8.1 Oreo update for the Xiaomi Mi A1 for some time. A beta update leaked for the device at the end of April but apart from beta leaks hinting at an imminent launch, we haven’t heard any official confirmation that the update would be rolling out today. It’s great that Xiaomi is still supporting their one-and-only Android One device even while the company marches full steam ahead with their MIUI 10 launches.

    The update seems to be rolling out globally with reports from users in India and the Philippines getting the OTA. Go to setting and press the “check for updates” button to see if it’s available for you!

    Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.1 Oreo Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.1 Oreo Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.1 Oreo


    Android 8.1 Oreo doesn’t offer that many notable feature upgrades over 8.0 Oreo, though there are a few improvements such as the ability to view the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices and notification rate limiting to prevent abuse by apps. For those of you looking for a more feature-filled version of Android 8.1,

    Update 1: Unofficial Changelog

    Here’s an unofficial changelog XDA Senior Member joeyhuab put together based on his and others’ findings:


    • Power menu is different
    • Tint when power menu is open
    • Settings/SystemUI theme adapts to color of wallpaper
    • Sound is better
    • Updated Launcher3 version
    • Updated Gapps (probably)


    • No Treble support
    • No camera2 (unless used setprop before updating)
    • No EIS (unless used setprop before updating)
    • No native FM Radio app (LineageOS and custom ROMs win cause of this)
    • Old Modem/Baseband version
    • Safetynet is broken
    • Status bar wifi and data indicators are still there

    Update 2: Potential Major Bug

    Some users are reporting that their entire SMS history was wiped after updating. We cannot verify this. Update: It apparently happens after you swipe away the messages app. Be warned before updating that this could happen to you. If you’re concerned with this happening, be sure to make a backup of your SMS.

    Update 3: Xiaomi Pulls OTA

    Xiaomi has pulled the OTA update, probably because of the SMS wiping bug. We’ll update you if the OTA roll out again but you can download it here if you want the update.

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