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The Main Composition of the Fiber Optic Splice Closure


    Fiber optic splice closure:for the connection of ADSS, OPGW and ordinary optical cable, 2-4 optical fiber cable introduction sets are used to introduce and extract the optical cable for connection. It can also be used for the connection of urban cable communication cable.

    Fiber optic splice closure features: fixed optical cable stainless steel clamp and fixed aramid and the special design of the core to make the fiber cable fixed more firmly, loose fiber space makes the fiber more convenient and fast, so that the optical fiber has enough bending radius to avoid Optical fiber extra loss to ensure transmission characteristics. The double seal design makes the joint box sealing performance more reliable. The installation and fixation on the tower and in the pipeline are very convenient and reliable.

    Fiber optic splice closure is suitable for installation and use of overhead, pipeline, and direct burial methods in communication and radio, television and optical cable lines.

    The core can be flexibly connected in any way in the box, such as grouping, divergent, expansion and straight-through. The optical fiber cable connector can be protected by a heat-shrinkable tube after being connected, and it can also facilitate the storage of the optical fiber bare fiber.

    The fiber optic splice closure is mainly composed of a box cover, a base, internal components, a sealing element, and a fiber connector. Good sealing performance, reusable, reliable installation, convenient operation and maintenance testing.

    Scope of application: The fiber optic splice closure is continuously improved and perfected according to the requirements of the user, providing quality assurance for excellent voice, image and data transmission. Can fully meet the needs of fiber optic cable trunk and distribution cable network, but also to meet the cable overhead, buried directly underground, building entrance wall, pipe and manhole installation and construction requirements. provides various shapes fiber optic splice closure. All the fiber closure we offered are with a great sealing performance. High quality ABS material also ensures the durability whether the closure is in air, in pipeline or buried underground.



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