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The Social Community Portal Where You Connect With People is a Pakistani social portal and this is a free service designed with be concerned with the unique place to share what you love on the web. On this top leading Pakistan portal only registered members submit content on this website such as image sharing, submit ads, submit content, add groups, add an event, chat with strangers, share videos and so on and discussion website. We are also allowing our visitor to create a poll for Pakistani audience which are then voted up or down by other members. Submissions with additional up-votes appear in the direction of the top of their rating and, if they receive as much as necessary votes, finally on the site's front page. You can also read news on this community portal, which covers a variety of topics including political news, technology news, business news, sports news, and health.


AtPakistan is one of the most visited websites in Pakistan. This portal initially allowed anyone to visit everyone's profile, unless an unregistered visitor was on a person's "Ignore List" this feature eventually updated so that users could prefer between showing their profile to all or specified persons. Each potential member is also able to customize their user profile preferences, in addition, to restrict information that he/she appear on their profile from their friends and others. Another good feature was that any member of this community portal can add any other member and create a separate group. A user can give any title to the group and create a circle of targeted audience. The main and good thing is that only a member of this particular group can see the shareable content. Content would not be publically lived for everyone, the only group member can access and see the complete content.


When a user signed in, they would see the “User Panel” and see the registered member on the site, the first person being the newest one to do so. AtPakistan competitors are other social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, IBOSocial and so on. An AtPaksitan user is also able to upload videos Or from either YouTube or Daily Motion Video with the additional feature of creating either restricted or unrestricted polls on this platform for polling a community of users. All the users are able to change their user interface from a collection of colorful themes in the library and this option would be accessible after two weeks. This is not just a community portal; we also offer all types of chat rooms for Pakistani audience. Not consider our website to just one type of subject is what makes us special. You will often notice online portal websites on the internet that have one particular type of theme, but our vision is to bring you a little bit of everything. Classified, Chat Room, Forum, Groups, Events, Video, Music and Business Listings are just some of the unique features of our social community portal that we have to offer in a qualified manner.