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PCB eventually reestablishes the division, and regional cricket associations

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi on Monday formally approved the notices to restore the departments/service organizations, regions, and district/zone cricket federations under the PCB’s 2014 constitution.

Consequently, in the 2023-24 season, from August, 16 regional cricket associations will compete in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and eight departments will compete in the Patron’s Trophy.

The statement released by the Cricket Board goes on to mention that in addition to the Tier II tournaments mentioned above, 50+ events for regions and departments will be held during the 2023-24 national cricket season and will be announced in good time.

The organization of divisions/departments, regions, and district/area cricket federations was replaced by the six cricket federations and the 90 local cricket federations in the PCB’s 2019 constitution, which was repealed in December 2022.

“In accordance with the Notices of the Ministry dated December 22, 2022, regarding the repeal of the Constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board notified under SRO 1045(1)/2019 dated August 19, 2019, and the Notice of the Ministry dated December 22, 2022, regarding the Restoration of the PCB 2014 Constitution, the Pakistan Cricket Board Management Committee hereby formally announces the restoration of all cricket departments/service organizations, regions and districts/territorial bodies as recognized by the Board under the PCB 2014 Constitution,” read the statement.

The notice said that “further action will be taken in due course.”

Commenting on the development, Sethi said: “I am pleased to confirm the formal restoration of the organization of departments/services, regions and district/zone cricket associations under the PCB Constitution of 2014.”

“It is our effort, determination, and commitment to all our cricketers to provide them with equal and fair opportunities to showcase their talent so that they can pursue a career in the sport.

“This can only be achieved by expanding our cricket canvas, which unfortunately in 2019 was limited and limited to a small number of cricketers and teams.

Blaming previous management, Sethi said this approach not only impacted the livelihoods of hundreds of cricketers and led to a talent drain, but also failed to highlight and bring forth cricketers with exceptional ability as in the past, which in turn negatively impacts the company had an impact on the standards, performance, and placings of our national teams at international level.

Commenting on the development, the PCB official said that while we cannot undo the poor policies of the past four seasons, we can quickly return to our tried and successful cricket model and structure so that the sport and cricketers can do so surpass and thrive.

“We are making good progress in this regard and further announcements that are in the best interests of Pakistani cricket and our cricketers will be made in due course,” he said.

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