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Russia agrees to ship blended crude to Pakistan, with tariffs to be fixed next month

A delegation from Moscow will visit Islamabad in January 2023 to discuss the possible sale of Russian oil.

Russian and Pakistani officials met via video link to discuss buying crude oil and petroleum products from Moscow, government sources said.

Musadik Malik, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Petroleum, and the Petroleum Secretary attended the online meeting.

High-ranking officials from the Petroleum Division and representatives of the petroleum industry formed the Pakistani side, chaired by Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Musadik Malik, while senior officials from the Russian Ministry of Energy and relevant departments formed the Russian side.

According to sources familiar with the activities of the meeting, the government of Pakistan has informed its Russian counterparts that their country needs investments in crude oil, petroleum products, gas and infrastructure.

According to The News, during a visit by a Russian delegation to Pakistan, the Russian side said that it would further examine its intentions to cooperate with the Pakistani authorities.

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